September 2014

Willie is putting together a new "Americana/country" band in the vein of Ryan Adams and the Cardinals and/or Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, with pedal steel and organ/piano. "Willie Hines and the Wildflowers" has some really good songs ready to debut at a show this Halloween night at the Prospect Theater in Modesto.

Willie is also a nominee for the MAMAs (
Modesto Area Music Awards) this year under the "Blue Collar" category! Vote now.

January 2014

WHATEVER has been released. Details on how to purchase the CD are coming soon!!

The Record Release party is February 28 at 8:00 pm at the Valley Brewing Company in Stockton, CA.

Willie Hines Band

September 2013

Please help us get the new album done. Pledge at KickStarter by clicking here.

April 2013

Check out the YouTube WHB video channel.

Willie Hines...... September 2012

Willie has posted some goodies that have been floating around for your musical enjoyment. Check them out on the SOUND page. Rockin' if I do say so myself......